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Getting Personal with PURL Technology (eM-SIG Seminar Summary) - February 19, 2009

This is a summary of the "Getting Personal with PURL Technology: Blending Online and Offline Direct Marketing" seminar held at the Manufacturers Association. The purpose of this seminar was to demonstrate how and why e-marketers should add a Personalized URL (PURL) component to their direct marketing efforts. A PURL is a web address that incorporates a recipient’s name. Personalized URL marketing is the technique of adding such a web address as one of the response channels on a direct mail piece and following it up with highly targeted landing pages for greater impact. This event showed how to generate effective and beneficial direct marketing campaigns using PURL technology.

Aligning Marketing and IT for Online Success (eM-SIG Rountable Summary) - July 9th, 2008

Here is a summary of the "Aligning Marketing and IT for Online Success" Roundtable. The purpose of this roundtable was to provide both marketers and IT professionals with the tools to bring their departments together for success online. This summary includes research about the challenges facing marketers and IT professionals currently. There is also a process for bridging the gap and enabling potential success.

How Manufacturers are Using the Internet to Grow Business (eM-SIG Roundtable Summary) -
March 14th, 2008

This is a summary of the eMarketing Special Interest Group’s (eM-SIG) March 2008 roundtable event, “How Manufacturers are Using the Internet to Grow Business.” The purpose of this roundtable was to show how successful manufacturers are using their Web sites to find new opportunities in a global and flattening world. The roundtable included live case study examples of manufacturers successfully leveraging the online channel to find new customers and discover new markets. There was also an open Q&A session with attendees. The session did not focus on the deep tactical activities, such as search engine marketing and e-mail marketing, but helped businesses to understand how the Internet can reduce marketing costs and increase return on investment (ROI) tied to your growth objectives.

eMarketing Needs Assessment Survey of Northwestern Pennsylvania

The Technology Industry Partnership of Northwestern Pennsylvania, the Center for eBusiness and Advanced IT (eBizITPA) and the Technology Council of Northwest Pennsylvania were conducting research to gain insights and understanding about the needs of employers and their employees in the areas of eMarketing .

Ninety-nine employees and employers participated in the survey through out Northwest Pennsylvania with seventy-two percent of the participants completing the survey. The following objectives were desired through results of the survey:

  • Identify current levels of eMarketing awareness, attitudes and interest.
  • Identify skills and training most needed for successful integration of eMarketing strategies and techniques into your enterprise.
  • Develop effective training programs to provide the knowledge and skills identified.
  • Assist relevant professionals within Pennsylvania businesses in obtaining the required knowledge and skills to apply emerging marketing methods and technologies used in expanding business options and creating new and diverse marketplace opportunities.
  • Assist agencies, Web developers/designers and consultants to attain eMarketing expertise and to develop services and solutions offerings; which would include both software development and consulting services.

Video Interviews

The eMarketing Learning Center @ eBizITPA gets the low-down on search marketing from local experts at the SEM II Conference.

Search Engine Optimization with Neal Rabogliatti

  • Neal Rabogliatti presents some of the techniques and tips of a good search engine optimization strategy.

Paid Search with Justin Seibert

  • Justin Seibert delivers the low-down on paid search advertising (pay per click) including tips & techniques that will help your organization get a grip on this ever-evolving e-marketing strategy.


Interested in eMarketing and new media? Here Erica DeWolf writes about her experiences in this new media world.

eMarketing and New Media

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