eMarketing Special Interest Group (SIG)

About Us


Special Interest Group (SIG) is for e-marketing practitioners, academics and people in the industry who share this common professional interest. The forum is for those interested in keeping in touch with the rapidly changing area of Internet marketing.


  • Bring together people and companies involved in the study, promotion and practice of e-marketing
  • Organize opportunities to network, interact and share ideas and expertise
  • Showcase the regional businesses and talent
  • Make available opportunities to stay informed on e-marketing practices and developments
  • Enable career development and business success with access to modern marketing expertise and resources
  • Fuel the growth of “high performance” professionals in e-marketing practices
  • Bridge the gap between marketing technology and marketing practitioners


  • Assist area professionals and their employers so they may benefit from opportunities introduced by e-marketing
  • Coordinate with industry, marketing, technology and economic development leaders to offer speakers, workshops, roundtables, etc. to respond to the e-marketing needs of the business community
  • Become a conduit to educate, support and promote industry growth in NWPA

Technology Industry Partnership

The Technology Industry Partnership NWPA will be governed by the consensus of the Steering Committee. The eMarketing Special Interest Group (eM SIG) Project will be directed by a Project Steering Committee made up of industry members with business interests in eMarketing & Technology. The Project Steering Committee will meet quarterly. The Center for eBusiness and Advanced IT will act as the convener of the eM SIG. The Ben Franklin Technology Development Partners in NWPA will act as a facilitator for the eM SIG.

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